A Changed Mind

Toward the end of December 2014, I decided that I needed to discontinue this blog. I began this blog to help me become Vegan and to see if it would improve my health, and it did in many ways. I had high hopes for my blog, but have been very busy with a second Masters degree.

Today I logged on to put an end to blogging my vegan thoughts for a few good reasons. First, there are tons of vegan bloggers today and lots. Second, there are lots of vegan recipes on the web and blogs. Third, my stats are horrid. So, even though I thought it was a great idea, I am going to stick with it!

Why? It makes me a better vegan! It keeps me aware, connected and wanting to do better. That and I haven’t tasted the ultimate vegan chili that soothes my soul.

2015 – it’s going to be an epic year!!!

Why – because I said so and it will be as good as we put our minds to be. So, let’s be E P I C ! ! !


OMG! I was at Spring professional development/council meetings last week. Well, at a few meh moments of listening to speakers I was on my iPad searching for Vegan stuff – mostly food recipes to get ideas of what I might eat in Leavenworth, WA. Oh, they do speak Vegan there; although, I was worried in the front end of the week what I might find in their German themed city…that’s another post for another day.

I may be 60, but I do have a pretty good sense of humor and some swearing still makes me laugh my head off. We all have a bit of a dark side, right!

The recipes look amazing – havent’ tried them yet (I just got back from Leavenworth), but am going to try Tuscan Tempeh Pasta minus the tempeh and adding black beans. Allergic to soy! I laugh my head off every time I read one of the posts – if it offends you just don’t go back. I’m a new fan and get to be happy in the process = better health.

Check out Thug Kitchen and here’s their link to Tuscan Tempeh Pasta.

Spirited Vegans and Vegan Spirits

The holidays are upon us and many of us Vegans consume alcohol.

Today, while grocery shopping, I spotted Peabody Jones Vodka from the Woodinville Whiskey Company, Woodinville Washington, USA. I was feeling pretty smug to find a Washington state vodka – the family is fond of vodka martinis. When I got home I realized that I had no idea if it was vegan friendly. So, I flew onto the internet to see what Barnivore and Popular Spirits Etc. had to say about Peabody Jones – nothing. Next will be an e-mail to the Woodinville Whiskey Company to see if I will be partaking in the Peabody Jones Martini this Thursday – Thanksgiving in the US.

Fitbit for almost 60 year old Vegan

Yup, I bought a Fitbit and the Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale!

I was fed up with a series of pedometers that worked minimally – the last one liked to reset randomly to ZERO. Unlike! So, then I purchased the Niki one that fits inside your shoe (although, I suddenly felt like Big Brother was tracking). I was somewhat excited and was telling my daughter who said, “Take it back and get a Fitbit!”. I am a techy freak and have to be careful about buying shiny cool things that I might lose interest, so had to really think about this purchase that was approx $100.00 for each item. Well duh, I bought them!!!!

I have had good success at losing a pound a week, but not good at getting exercise. So, the Fitbit has helped me add more steps & exercise this week. It also tracks sleep pattersn, so am learning that it take me quite some time to get to sleep, but don’t wake much during the night (2-7). It shows the sleep percentage, so I have improved that a bit, too. The BMI – normal, but I have too much fat and the scale reminds me every day. Not complaining – was a real wake up call!

If you need a great motivator – research the Fitbit. I am loving mine!! I promise to admit if or when it doesn’t satisfy.

How to Convert a Cake Recipe to Vegan

I’m working on my Memorial Day Menu and thinking about my deceased grandma, Martha.

I have her applesauce cake recipe that creates a hearty and wonderful cake, but contains milk and eggs. Ingredients I don’t eat. So, did some searching on the web and found this blog that talks about converting a cake to vegan. National Geographic of all places – least likely site I expected to find the answer to my questions, but awesome, too!! The link is under the environment – well duh!! As it should be!

I’ve been busy therefore [fill in the blank]

I’ve been busy therefore:

I haven’t been cooking and preparing enough whole foods

I have been eating prepared Vegan foods – wow

I miss salad – lovely salad with mushrooms, tomatoes, onions….

I wasted fresh food in my refrigerator (sad)

I haven’t been blogging

I have been gaining weight

…and the list goes on


Well, all that hasn’t been working for me, so now Plan B – get back on Plan A!! WVF: Whole Vegan Food

1060, really

Seriously, I wouldn’t be writing on this blog if my dad or I were alive in 1060. I meant to type 1960 – what a difference a digit makes. Pretty sure I would have been talking about a whole different menu, but am certain there were vegans.

Today I shopped at my local nursery for herbs. Chives and peppermint came back after winter in my deck pots, but the rest of ther herbs didn’t live. So, I purchased rosemary and I believe oregano and parsley. Tomorrow will re-pot them in my deck pots and look forward to fresh herbs this year.

I love to watch infomercials

Yup, I love to watch those infomercials. I was traveling over the weekend and couldn’t sleep, so watched a few infomercials. One really interested me – it was a diet, but won’t reveal the name. What perked my interest was the claim that fast carbs needed to be eaten with slow carbs to lose weight. There was a lot more to their plan, but that claim got me thinking about balanced meals and my own diet (you know – what I eat).

I’ve been a vegetarian for years and a vegan for a while – both overweight and at a healthy weight. The more whole foods I eat and combine with moderate exercise, I feel good and the weight stays where it ought to. When I eat a bunch of processed carb food the weight goes up. So, am going to watch how I combine food when I do want some processed food (love corn chips and salsa).

What do you think?