Friends and Olympia, WA

Today am heading to Olympia, Wa to meet up with friends. We plan to have  soup and/or salad lunch and walk around the Farmer’s Market. Cold – yes, I was reminded to dress warmly. I hope to have some pretty pictures to share.

Here’s hoping a warm vegan soup is in the stock pot near the Farmer’s Market.


4th of July Vegan Food

So, we often fear family or friend gatherings when we are not in the majority – Vegan pride hurts!! Not to mention the cruel jokes and chides at our diet/life style. No Fear!!!

Pack your grocery cart with veggies, fruit and whole grain wonders. Think of your favs, Red, White  & Blue, Independence and a darn great healthy time!

I  bought greek humus, red and blue fruit, red potatoes, mushrooms and a few more items – let’s see what I can create for our Independence Day!

Gotta go shuck corn…

21 Day Vegan Kickstart: Kickstart India – 7 days and Counting

21 Day Vegan Kickstart India

Have you signed up? I thought I had, but havent’ been getting the e-mail notices, so just signed up this morning. I try to consistently blog about the 21 day kickstart, but get busy with life. I love the kickstarts and they always bring me back to eating whole foods and present me with easy fun options to my typically mundane menu and diet.

My definition of diet is what I eat.

Eating habits need to change? What new Vegan recipes? Want to stick you toe in the water and try a few vegan recipes? Want to blog with others on the kickstart program?  Need a diet change? Want a positive diet change?

Hop/click/jump over and sign up – what do you have to lose?

I love to watch infomercials

Yup, I love to watch those infomercials. I was traveling over the weekend and couldn’t sleep, so watched a few infomercials. One really interested me – it was a diet, but won’t reveal the name. What perked my interest was the claim that fast carbs needed to be eaten with slow carbs to lose weight. There was a lot more to their plan, but that claim got me thinking about balanced meals and my own diet (you know – what I eat).

I’ve been a vegetarian for years and a vegan for a while – both overweight and at a healthy weight. The more whole foods I eat and combine with moderate exercise, I feel good and the weight stays where it ought to. When I eat a bunch of processed carb food the weight goes up. So, am going to watch how I combine food when I do want some processed food (love corn chips and salsa).

What do you think?