I love to watch infomercials

Yup, I love to watch those infomercials. I was traveling over the weekend and couldn’t sleep, so watched a few infomercials. One really interested me – it was a diet, but won’t reveal the name. What perked my interest was the claim that fast carbs needed to be eaten with slow carbs to lose weight. There was a lot more to their plan, but that claim got me thinking about balanced meals and my own diet (you know – what I eat).

I’ve been a vegetarian for years and a vegan for a while – both overweight and at a healthy weight. The more whole foods I eat and combine with moderate exercise, I feel good and the weight stays where it ought to. When I eat a bunch of processed carb food the weight goes up. So, am going to watch how I combine food when I do want some processed food (love corn chips and salsa).

What do you think?


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