Another Vegan’s Superbowl Menu

It happens! You’re invited over to someone’s place or you invite friends in to watch the Superbowl. You are a lucky vegan if all of your friends are vegan, but mine aren’t and figure I’m not alone. What to do! Aside from hearing all the gross oinking and mooing over their meat dishes, I’ll look past the chiding and stand firm with my vegan beliefs.  I may not convert ‘em, but am sure going to feed everyone some tasty vegan whole foods. Lips will be smacking and ummmm sounds will be happening out of those former mooing and oinking mouths! Here’s my simple yet hearty menu, cause I like to watch football and not be cooking in the kitchen for everyone else. Cook this up Saturday and give it a day to drive in the flavors. TOUCHDOWN!!

Black Bean Chili

Tomatillo Sauce

Fresh Salsa


Shredded Salad


Jalapeño Cornbread

Vegan Cupcakes – optional (not!)


What’s on my Menu for Week 2 of Vegan Kickstart

Week 2 of the 21 day Vegan Kickstart and am planning and cooking for a very busy week. I have lots of fresh veggies from last week, so didn’t shop for new food this week – saving money and time as I was out-of-town this weekend. I spent an overnight with two of my grand daughters – always fun and gives me a fresh perspective. My daughter cooked me a broccoli lentil vegan stew – sweet! She supports my veganism and is a vegetarian who eats fish (her naturopath wanted her to add fish back in her diet). Just saying, but I repect her choices as well!!

OK, back the food prep for the week and the Menu choices for the week:

Breakfast: Oatmeal and Almond Milk (like every morning)

This weeks lunch and dinners:

Quinoa Pilaf – preparing differently as I am using half for a Quinoa Salad for work potluck tomorrow

Ethiopian Tomato Salad

Almost-Instant Black Bean Chili (cut the recipe in half)

Layered  Rice, Beans and Lettuce (recipe to follow)

2 c. Cooked Brown Rice

Green Salad

If time allows:

Easy Cornbread Muffins

Weekly Standbys:

Whole Grain Bread


This is more than enough food for me and will keep me satisfied. The linked recipes are from the 21 Day Vegan Kickstart meal plan, and NutritionMD. Now back to the kitchen to finish prepping for the week. Prepping saves me from eating what ever my eyes see and my hands grab (usually bad choices).


Vegan New Years Eve Menu

New Years Eve is spent with a good friend from grad school. I’m vegan and she isn’t vegan. I asked her if she was going to bring chicken to eat and she said no, she was bringing humus. See, she is an amazing friend. We have shared pizza for years, so we must keep on the menu. We relax, share about the past year, plan for the future, set goals, create vision boards, enjoy each others company, and ring in the new year.

2011 New Years Eve Vegan Menu

dairy free pizza – veggie

green salad (keep the gut extra healthy)

humus – three varieties




artichoke spinach dip (if it turns out wonderful [4 stars] will share the recipe)

hit: the base is humus, the inspiration is the dip from Costco (pre-vegan fave)

blackberry crisp