Fitbit for almost 60 year old Vegan

Yup, I bought a Fitbit and the Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale!

I was fed up with a series of pedometers that worked minimally – the last one liked to reset randomly to ZERO. Unlike! So, then I purchased the Niki one that fits inside your shoe (although, I suddenly felt like Big Brother was tracking). I was somewhat excited and was telling my daughter who said, “Take it back and get a Fitbit!”. I am a techy freak and have to be careful about buying shiny cool things that I might lose interest, so had to really think about this purchase that was approx $100.00 for each item. Well duh, I bought them!!!!

I have had good success at losing a pound a week, but not good at getting exercise. So, the Fitbit has helped me add more steps & exercise this week. It also tracks sleep pattersn, so am learning that it take me quite some time to get to sleep, but don’t wake much during the night (2-7). It shows the sleep percentage, so I have improved that a bit, too. The BMI – normal, but I have too much fat and the scale reminds me every day. Not complaining – was a real wake up call!

If you need a great motivator – research the Fitbit. I am loving mine!! I promise to admit if or when it doesn’t satisfy.


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