All in a Days Work

I mentioned that I was going to be traveling today. I was in Olympia at a senator’s shareholder’s meeting and afterwards met a couple of colleagues for coffee at Starbucks. It was pouring rain and by the time I arrived (had a block to walk) I was soaked with rain and something else. A bird had pooped down the back of me and I wasn’t aware. As I was ordering my coffee a colleague and a dear friend, saw the long white streaks down my back of me and began cleaning me off with napkins. Thanks for good friends!

Then, I couldn’t go home and change, but had to get back to work in another city. In the middle of my meeting, back at work, I touched a part of my head and realized that I had been hit in the head as well, but with the rain it was a bit imbedded. Oh dear, had to wait until the meeting was over to get to the restroom.

Sorry if that was TMI, but that was my day!! Grateful that I had a cup of lentil soup in the refrigerator ready for heating – ahhhhhhh.



Free to Roam

Another weekend ahead and the last one of July, nothing planned and am feeling good. At times, structure gets in my way because I feel responsible to make sure every detail is covered – it’s taken years to let go, but still if I have plans I think half the fun is the planning.

I know that I haven’t spent enough time this summer in and around water. I love the outdoors and a river, lake, ocean…. Water is a calming force along with mountains. So, going to aim at spending more time in August enjoying those elements and hopefully will get some photography woven in as well.

To finish off this thoughtful end of the month moment, I need to plan some packable Vegan meals. I have been feeling that I need more protein and need to explore some package meal options. I made a really good Kale salad this week and found that it tastes equally good inside a Pita=Kale Pita. Too nice to take the time and share the recipe, but I will.

Get out and roam.


Saturday Evening Sunset

Saturday evening was yet another dinner for a co-worker who is leaving and beginning a new chapter in her life. She is trusting her intuition and moving back to California to spend time with her aging parents and to begin a closer day-to-day life with her fiance.

I brought my camera, although her cousin showed up with a fancy 35mm Nikon…. So, I only took a few pictures that I wanted and was actually watching the time, because I figured a beautiful sunset was brewing this evening. Fortunatly I arrived right before the sun exited behind McNeil Island. I got a few shots in Steilacoom and then drove over to Chamber Bay in University Place to capture a few more.

Steilacoom, WA

Sun setting behind the Olympic Mtns.

Next stop was Chamber Bay – it was pretty windy so half of my photos were blurry. Sun going down behind the Olympic Mountains. Ahhh

Yes, a freight trains was going by, hence the rectangular dark objects in the fore-ground. I couldn’t wait – had to take the pictures.

Tacoma, WA