Vegan Chili Dog and a Guiness Extra Stout, Please

Back in the 1060’s and early ’70 men either didn’t cook or were beginning to cook a bit (well, outside of barbecuing). My dad was a big strapping guy who loved to cook  his famous dishes and one was the Chili Dog. Actually this was one that he either used canned chili or Mom’s leftover (the best). He married my mom when I was in middle school (Jr. High back then) and I gained an amazing dad!!

We would start with a large, wide, flat on the bottom. soup bowl and lay down a hot dog bun, then a cooked hot dog or two and smother it all with ample chili. Next was fresh chopped white onions and a lot of grated cheese. Heaven in the bowl!! I was too young for beer, but I added that years later.

Here’s to you, Dad!! I’m sure he was looking down from heaven wishing he was sitting with me eating a chili dog (maybe not ’cause it was vegan). Thanks for all the good memories, Dad!!

Vegan Chili Dog


Rest in Peace Steve Jobs – Journey On

Steve Jobs

I just had a long page written and with a stroke of a key it was deleted. So, figure it didn’t need to be said, but it does so here goes.

Last evening a friend called and asked, “Who’s going to carry on at Apple to help people with disabilities? Will the level of accessibility still be there and will they continue to be on the cutting edge of accessibility?”.

My first thought was that of course everything would continue as is, but as I have reflected on the questions I really don’t know.

Well worth some thought…