21-Day Vegan Kickstart / a Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) site

The 21 Day Vegan Kickstart is about to begin – now they start the 1st of every month. Just goes to show that I haven’t done one for quite sometime. But it’s time to get back to basics and cleanse the palate and gut with new foods and spices.
Here’s the grocery list for the Kickstart – if you’re allergic to certain foods, don’t buy then just substitute a similar food plant based food from that food group. Organic is best cause we don’t want any extra chemicals or altered food in our body. Food is our medicine to help us live at optimal health.
Join me in 21 days of changing up our food choices and eating a plant based diet (I already do that). If the list looks too tough, then just start shopping (except for the fresh food) a bit at a time and start next month.

21-Day Vegan Kickstart / a Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) site.


Thrive Forward

I was checking Twitter this morning and came across a promising website Thrive Forward. It will officially begin operating in January 2013 (54 days from today) , although if you sign up now you will get a spiffy e-book: Thrive Forward 101. It’s 21 pages of a preview of a book I am certain will be coming out soon. If you have been a Vegan for a while you may already be familiar with the information, although it is easy to read and a good reminder that if you are dedicated to eating a plant-based diet, then the base should be plant-based.

I can’t fully recommend this site yet, although I signed up and will keep reporting. What do you have to lose? weight, your health…. Skip on over, sign up and download your preview e-book.


Fitbit for almost 60 year old Vegan

Yup, I bought a Fitbit and the Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale!

I was fed up with a series of pedometers that worked minimally – the last one liked to reset randomly to ZERO. Unlike! So, then I purchased the Niki one that fits inside your shoe (although, I suddenly felt like Big Brother was tracking). I was somewhat excited and was telling my daughter who said, “Take it back and get a Fitbit!”. I am a techy freak and have to be careful about buying shiny cool things that I might lose interest, so had to really think about this purchase that was approx $100.00 for each item. Well duh, I bought them!!!!

I have had good success at losing a pound a week, but not good at getting exercise. So, the Fitbit has helped me add more steps & exercise this week. It also tracks sleep pattersn, so am learning that it take me quite some time to get to sleep, but don’t wake much during the night (2-7). It shows the sleep percentage, so I have improved that a bit, too. The BMI – normal, but I have too much fat and the scale reminds me every day. Not complaining – was a real wake up call!

If you need a great motivator – research the Fitbit. I am loving mine!! I promise to admit if or when it doesn’t satisfy.

Summer Picnic/Project Idea

I use to be a crafter – large-scale. I have too many unfinished projects, so am very careful about my crafting these day. Being a crafter junkie, I do subscribe to Martha Stewart’s Craft of the Day. I love to reduce, reuse and recycle, so here is an easy Memorial Day craft involving a picnic and a tablecloth.

Origami Picnic Basket by Martha Stewart


Seattle’s 2012 Vegfest

The Vegfest is slated for Vegetarians, but am sure there will be plenty for Vegans as well. I haven’t attended, but am hoping I will be able to make it this weekend. Sad that I lived in Seattle and didn’t take the time to attend.

Check out the line up of speakers.  Neal Barnard, M.D. will be there and I will be so happy if I am able to attend his session.

Chefs will be attending and cooking as well.

Just hop on over and check out the event. Sounds wonderful, empowering, and healthful.

Amy’s Roasted Vegetable Vegan Pizza Plus

Snowmageddon 2012 is coming to a close in the Pacific NW and today was the first day out after 4 days in (well, not out in a vehicle). I walked when it was first nice and snowy; I stayed inside when trees were splitting and branches breaking from the heavy laden ice .

So, today found myself being very good in the grocery store purchasing lots of organic veggies and fruits, but really wanted a Starbucks coffee and pizza. Bummer the store I chose didn’t have a Starbucks – grrrrr. I found myself in the health food section staring at the pizza section reminding myself that there was not a pizza in there for my vegan self. Ah, then I saw Amy’s Rosted Vegetable Pizza No Cheese. Love how they say INGREDIENTS(VEGAN); that’s clear and no second guessing when they also atate (no hidden ingredients).

OK – here’s the but! It’s the only store-bought pizza I ever get on occasion and my palate is too familiar. Well, not only did I have cabin fever by last Friday, I was out of yeast, so couldn’t make pizza. So, of course, I purchased the begging Amy’s pizza and add fresh tomatoes and garlic.

Here’s my perfectly delicious lunch. Yes, my palate was newly engaged and my processed food desire was quenched.

Fabulous Vegan Blueberry Muffins

Owwww!! Fabulous Vegan Blueberry Muffins! Excited about these!

I became a Vegan for a number of reasons and it wasn’t to give up baked goods – unfortunately, my palate really likes baked goods. So, have tried several recipes and thrown out many of the results. This one is a keeper.

21 Day Vegan Kickstart has amazing meal plans and recipes. There is only one of me and am the only Vegan in my family, so most often folks curl up a lip when they see my vegan baked goods (mostly because they are rather flatish looking). They are going to eat these! I just know it!

Check out the recipe for Blueberry Muffins (makes 12 – I got 15) on NutritionMD. Pop on over and explore both the Kickstart and Nutrition websites  – they are related, use each other – however you want to say it. It’s all good. Enjoy…

Blueberry Muffins - Vegan

What’s on my Menu for Week 2 of Vegan Kickstart

Week 2 of the 21 day Vegan Kickstart and am planning and cooking for a very busy week. I have lots of fresh veggies from last week, so didn’t shop for new food this week – saving money and time as I was out-of-town this weekend. I spent an overnight with two of my grand daughters – always fun and gives me a fresh perspective. My daughter cooked me a broccoli lentil vegan stew – sweet! She supports my veganism and is a vegetarian who eats fish (her naturopath wanted her to add fish back in her diet). Just saying, but I repect her choices as well!!

OK, back the food prep for the week and the Menu choices for the week:

Breakfast: Oatmeal and Almond Milk (like every morning)

This weeks lunch and dinners:

Quinoa Pilaf – preparing differently as I am using half for a Quinoa Salad for work potluck tomorrow

Ethiopian Tomato Salad

Almost-Instant Black Bean Chili (cut the recipe in half)

Layered  Rice, Beans and Lettuce (recipe to follow)

2 c. Cooked Brown Rice

Green Salad

If time allows:

Easy Cornbread Muffins

Weekly Standbys:

Whole Grain Bread


This is more than enough food for me and will keep me satisfied. The linked recipes are from the 21 Day Vegan Kickstart meal plan, cancerproject.org and NutritionMD. Now back to the kitchen to finish prepping for the week. Prepping saves me from eating what ever my eyes see and my hands grab (usually bad choices).


Vegan New Years Eve Menu

New Years Eve is spent with a good friend from grad school. I’m vegan and she isn’t vegan. I asked her if she was going to bring chicken to eat and she said no, she was bringing humus. See, she is an amazing friend. We have shared pizza for years, so we must keep on the menu. We relax, share about the past year, plan for the future, set goals, create vision boards, enjoy each others company, and ring in the new year.

2011 New Years Eve Vegan Menu

dairy free pizza – veggie

green salad (keep the gut extra healthy)

humus – three varieties




artichoke spinach dip (if it turns out wonderful [4 stars] will share the recipe)

hit: the base is humus, the inspiration is the dip from Costco (pre-vegan fave)

blackberry crisp