Refresh and Renew

“Life is so Daily”

Those four little words are so true, it seems a bit mundane for me! I prefer a re-write: Life is so Daily, so let’s change!

Purchased a mini version of a book I had years ago, The 28 Day Plan by Christine Green. I need to make some changes in my diet, get more exercise, and pay more attention to refreshing and renewing.

Happy Valentines Day – treat yourself and the ones you love

Be Healthy


Reducing my Food-Waste Footprint

Reducing my Food-Waste Footprint

Just how much food goes in my trash? I believe there is a correlation to what I heard many times in my childhood: “Eat the food on your plate; there are hungry children in Africa.” As a child that made no sense, especially since I was riddled with food allergies and hated to eat (food=pain). I would have gladly shared my plate of food, but in my child’s innocence I understood the impossibility to instantly co-locate a hungry child to my side. Now that I am older and hopefully wiser, I believe a better phrase may have led to better dialogue and understanding.

Adult: Eat enough food to nourish yourself, we don’t want food wasted and we can all do our part to help hungry children in the world.

Child: How can I do that?

Adult: That’s a good question! Let’s discuss some ways we all waste food, find ways to reduce our waste and then pass that savings on as a donation to charities to help children around the world. Would you like to help?

I had a childhood flashback while I was writing my goals this year. I’ve been looking at money spent, wasted, and saved. I want more saved money! But during this process realized that I needed to also help others more  in the process because my brain keeps playing back my mom’s message, “Eat the food on your plate; there are hungry children in Africa.” I know there are hungry people everywhere including the US. I’ve served on a food bank board and better understand the poverty and hunger in our communities. I know I can do more. My Hunger Action Plan is a work in process and will keep sharing with you all.

First step: Reduce my food-waste footprint.

Another Vegan’s Goals for 2012

2012 has arrived and that means I’m setting goals for this new glorious year.

Confession is good, right?!! Yes, I believe it is good. I began this blog to keep myself accountable for a diet I believed would improve my health, but I loved cheese and every time I would start previously I would fail. BECAUSE I LOVE CHEESE! I love the taste, the smell, the dense loveliness, the variety of flavors and the enhancement of foods…oh, it goes on. The major problem with my love of cheese if that I am allergic to cow’s milk and soy. So, after a lifetime of cutting out milk, eggs, soy…I still ate cheese. I was encroaching on 60 and having gut pain; hence realized that cheese could be a major problem (and it really isn’t a major food group – cheese in itself).

Whew, thanks for letting me get that off my Vegan chest!! So, in a way I am a selfish Vegan because I want to be Vegan for the health benefits. I’ve been a partial vegetarian for over 20 years and a vegetarian for 19 years. So, new chapter of being Vegan.

I feel wonderful, the gut pain is gone, and I believe this is the optimum way of life for me. I’ve spent those past years studying the work and research of Neal Barnard, M.D., John McDougall, M.D., Dean Ornish, M.D., Dr. Peter J. D’Adamo, Andrew Weil, M.D. and the Seventh Day Adventist Church (no, I am not a member – just a fan of their way of life). I love the 21 Day Vegan Kickstart plan and am currently enrolled in another of their kickstarts – new learning each time.


Now those goals:

1. Get a picture and more stuff on my About Me tab – I don’t want to be anonymous anymore.

2. Develop my Top Ten Fave Recipes.

     (It’s a process – pictures to follow)

3.  Find the balance between blogging and exercising – I need to exercise more.



 My goals ended on 3 for now – may be more later i.e.: travel more and worry less

Fresh Start 2012: 21Day Vegan Kickstart

Happy New Year! I love a new year with fresh hopes, new beginnings, and new and continues visions and goals. The 21 Day Vegan Kickstart is a wonderful way to begin a Vegan diet or a fresh food cleanse with whole foods (small and large changes may happen) or to be mindful for our vegan diets.

The 21 Day Vegan Kickstart does most of the work; we just have to follow recipes and eat. There’s also a blog for support. It reminds me of the lyrics of an old Hank Williams song, Hey Hey Good Lookin and it continues, what you got cooking. Well, pretty sure Hank wasn’t singing about food, but his lyric runs through my head when I think of the kickstart cause they do our meal planning and we pick and choose what we want to cook. We can follow the plan exclusively or use what fits our budget and belly size.

So, if you haven’t signed up please check it out today as it’s the first day and also sign up for

Imagine nourishing your body from the inside out!


Vision Board for 2012

Gotta admit I love Vision Boards and last evening created my third. I have 2010, 2011 & now 2012. My friend created her first and then I forgot to take a picture before she left today – she loves hers, too.

Search for Vision Boards and you will find several ways to spend your money and get your head swimming in schemes that are almost not attainable. Relax – all that is not needed.

Vision – bigger picture; Goals – fall under vision – smaller and more defined.  Goals: swim more, do more Pilates and Yoga, and practice more consistent weight training. The broader vision is building a stronger body. I am very goal focused so my vision board each year focuses on finding balance of body, mind & soul. A few details are there, but not how to get there (goal setting).

My specific goal planning begins New Years Day (notice that I said begins) – more to follow.

Here’s a picture – not a great picture and a bit difficult to see as it is muted and calming for me.