OMG! I was at Spring professional development/council meetings last week. Well, at a few meh moments of listening to speakers I was on my iPad searching for Vegan stuff – mostly food recipes to get ideas of what I might eat in Leavenworth, WA. Oh, they do speak Vegan there; although, I was worried in the front end of the week what I might find in their German themed city…that’s another post for another day.

I may be 60, but I do have a pretty good sense of humor and some swearing still makes me laugh my head off. We all have a bit of a dark side, right!

The recipes look amazing – havent’ tried them yet (I just got back from Leavenworth), but am going to try Tuscan Tempeh Pasta minus the tempeh and adding black beans. Allergic to soy! I laugh my head off every time I read one of the posts – if it offends you just don’t go back. I’m a new fan and get to be happy in the process = better health.

Check out Thug Kitchen and here’s their link to Tuscan Tempeh Pasta.


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