Farmers’ Market Fresh

Fresh from Proctor Farmers’ Market

Excited about all the products, although the peppers were a bit out of my comfort zone. I use lots and lots of jalapeño peppers, but have been cautious on experimenting with pepper hotness. This is the week – no time to be weak!

produce and pickles


BOOM: Seattle Seahawks and Food

Seattle pi featured a blog post by Nick Eaton: More Seahawks-themed food unveiled at Century Link Field.  2014 post, but awesome is awesome

What are vegans to do? Do what we always do, read about the food and begin veganizing the recipes and ideas. I suggest decorating with blue and green and leave the blue and green out of your food – unless it is naturally blue and green.
Going to the game? The Veggie Happy Blog shared that Century Link now features a veggie frankfurter and burger that is vegan. Thanks Veggie Happy for helping to facilitate the change in the menu and getting vegan options for visitors.
I love getting in the spirit  – we were a sea of blue and green at work today. Tomorrow will veganize “The DangeRuss Dog” and prep my very own Seagal Salad. Will share next week – tomorrow is all Hawks.
BOOM! Stay Tuned and Stay True. GO HAWKS

Waffle Iron

I purchased a Calphalon Waffle Iron yesterday and hope to make vegan waffles for New Years Day. I spend New Years Eve with a friend from graduate school and she isn’t a vegan – she eats meat and I respect her choices. She also respects mine and we try to find recipes and restaurants that suit both of us. We love to dine out, but breakfast out in Tacoma, Wa can be a challenge, hence we came up with vegan waffles this year – she called them healthy waffles, but I am pretty certain she meant vegan. Since I’m cooking it’s vegan!!

Anyone have a tried and true vegan waffle recipe?

Friends and Olympia, WA

Today am heading to Olympia, Wa to meet up with friends. We plan to have  soup and/or salad lunch and walk around the Farmer’s Market. Cold – yes, I was reminded to dress warmly. I hope to have some pretty pictures to share.

Here’s hoping a warm vegan soup is in the stock pot near the Farmer’s Market.

Attending a Seminar Tomorrow: Go Brain!!

I am not going to work tomorrow. Instead, treating myself to an all day seminar: The Immune System: The Mind-Body Connection: Who Gets Sick and Who Stays Well sponsored by Institute for Brain Potential. I attended one of their previous seminars and learned lots. Fits in well with my work, but we have less and less money for training, so I treat myself. Better than a new pair of pants or a sweater (that comes later). A friend from work is also attending, so will be more fun with a friend to share and laugh throughout the day. Lunch too, which is always better with a friend.

I am intrigued with the immune system and always want to learn more about chronic inflammation, stress…. I hope to learn new facts to share with you all.

This Vegan has Returned from Vacation

I actually returned from Key West, Florida last Tuesday shortly after midnight, but with jet lag, working the rest of the week, and then traveling again over the weekend I feel I am returning to a regular work week. I haven’t had the change to cook for the 21 Day Vegan Kickstart India, but am going to get into the cooking and blogging mode.

This evening I cooked a cup of brown rice and red quinoa, because I am too tired to shop tonight. Going to start the week with a green salad, quinoa and black bean salad and brown rice. Next I will shop and cook some Indian dished. My palate is yearning for the Indian flavors.

Also I am turning 60 in 10 weeks and have a goal to lose 10 lbs. I will be blogging about my countdown to 60 – Woo Hoo!

Busy Weekend – Who’s Cooking??

Long busy weekend and not a lot of cooking time. But when the work week approaches I need good whole foods to sustain me. This evening had to take a couple of hours in the kitchen and cook – pure and simple.

I thought that I had lots of red lentils when I chose to make Lentil Dal with Spinach (Palak Moong Dal). My mouth was watering when I reached in the cupboard for the canister of red lentils, but it felt too light.  I couldn’t turn back and decided that I would use the small amount of red and add regular Western Washington lentils to the mix. It’s delicious and now have to get back to the kitchen to make a large salad.

Here’s to a healthy, whole-food, vegan week!!

What do you think of Fat Tuesdays? Hummm…

A Vegan’s Saturday

Today was feeling a bit lazy. I’ve just finished the 21 Day Vegan Kickstart and was diligent about cooking on the plan. After 21 days of having menus and recipes prepared (of course I felt  it is just for me) I stumble around wondering what to prepare for the next week. I do have a whole shelf of Vegan Cookbooks and lots of vegan sites. Sometimes, Saturdays are good for roaming after a long week at work.

I have some new library books: Vegan Soul Kitchen by Bryant Terry, Raw Energy by Stephanie Tourles, and Vegan Express by Nava Atlas. After perusing the three am going to start with the Vegan Soul Kitchen. He has a spicy cornbread that sounds divine, Gumbo Z, and Roasted Root Vegetables with Roasted Garlic-Lime Dipping Sauce. Those are my top three recipes that I just have to try first. One more mention about the Vegan Soul Kitchen: he has soundtracks listed for each recipe. How awesome is that! My taste buds are imaging the food and am searching the music pathways for the songs. I suspect Bryant has soul music playing as he cooks and I just may download some soul music for a full experience of his cookbook. Let the good times roll….

So, back to feeling a bit lazy. There’s a very good Vegan/vegetarian restaurant/coffee shop  in Tacoma, WA Caffe Dei. I don’t go there often, but today was craving their deep rich coffee (served in real cups for staying in) and their Vegan Ruben (they make their own vegan sausage). A real treat and had mid afternoon so took care of lunch and dinner. They serve vegan baked goods, but after a sandwich I’m fully satisfied and have no sugar cravings (which may mean they don’t heavily salt their food). My thought.

I am also going to post my Vegan Superbowl Menu very soon!! Hint – I am quite certain those roasted veggies and garlic-lime sauce will be featured. I’m hoping it will turn out as well and my brain and palate are expecting. Stay Tuned