BOOM: Seattle Seahawks and Food

Seattle pi featured a blog post by Nick Eaton: More Seahawks-themed food unveiled at Century Link Field.  2014 post, but awesome is awesome

What are vegans to do? Do what we always do, read about the food and begin veganizing the recipes and ideas. I suggest decorating with blue and green and leave the blue and green out of your food – unless it is naturally blue and green.
Going to the game? The Veggie Happy Blog shared that Century Link now features a veggie frankfurter and burger that is vegan. Thanks Veggie Happy for helping to facilitate the change in the menu and getting vegan options for visitors.
I love getting in the spirit¬† – we were a sea of blue and green at work today. Tomorrow will veganize “The DangeRuss Dog” and prep my very own Seagal Salad. Will share next week – tomorrow is all Hawks.
BOOM! Stay Tuned and Stay True. GO HAWKS

A Changed Mind

Toward the end of December 2014, I decided that I needed to discontinue this blog. I began this blog to help me become Vegan and to see if it would improve my health, and it did in many ways. I had high hopes for my blog, but have been very busy with a second Masters degree.

Today I logged on to put an end to blogging my vegan thoughts for a few good reasons. First, there are tons of vegan bloggers today and lots. Second, there are lots of vegan recipes on the web and blogs. Third, my stats are horrid. So, even though I thought it was a great idea, I am going to stick with it!

Why? It makes me a better vegan! It keeps me aware, connected and wanting to do better. That and I haven’t tasted the ultimate vegan chili that soothes my soul.

2015 – it’s going to be an epic year!!!

Why – because I said so and it will be as good as we put our minds to be. So, let’s be E P I C ! ! !