My Favortite Seattle Vegan Resturants

Today I am trying to get to Seattle for the Vegfest.

Although there will be lots of food there, I am always curious about where I might get a vegan meal. I checked SEATTLEVEGAN.COM. There are always two of my favorites: Cafe Flora (Vegetarian and Vegan) & Araya’s Place (Thai Vegan ). Cafe Flora also had a wonderful cookbook – bought it when I was a Vegetarian, but still have lots of Vegan recipes. I found an interesting one, but it’s in Kirkland (a bit out of my way today, but am pretty sure my daughter and I will have to check it out when I visit up north): Picnic Dogs, which has a Vegan hot dog. I stay away from processed food for the most part, but now and then a hot dog is just darn fun food!! Let’s not pretend we don’t all have a bit of our own childhood or comfort food.

Yes, I am a foody – love to cook and love to eat. I continue learning the art of moderation and nourishing my body – harder lesson. With only 2 favorite Vegan restaurants in Seattle, I need to get out more and explore!!!

I could write more and will, but gotta get on the road!!


Seattle’s 2012 Vegfest

The Vegfest is slated for Vegetarians, but am sure there will be plenty for Vegans as well. I haven’t attended, but am hoping I will be able to make it this weekend. Sad that I lived in Seattle and didn’t take the time to attend.

Check out the line up of speakers.  Neal Barnard, M.D. will be there and I will be so happy if I am able to attend his session.

Chefs will be attending and cooking as well.

Just hop on over and check out the event. Sounds wonderful, empowering, and healthful.

Another Vegan’s Goals for 2012

2012 has arrived and that means I’m setting goals for this new glorious year.

Confession is good, right?!! Yes, I believe it is good. I began this blog to keep myself accountable for a diet I believed would improve my health, but I loved cheese and every time I would start previously I would fail. BECAUSE I LOVE CHEESE! I love the taste, the smell, the dense loveliness, the variety of flavors and the enhancement of foods…oh, it goes on. The major problem with my love of cheese if that I am allergic to cow’s milk and soy. So, after a lifetime of cutting out milk, eggs, soy…I still ate cheese. I was encroaching on 60 and having gut pain; hence realized that cheese could be a major problem (and it really isn’t a major food group – cheese in itself).

Whew, thanks for letting me get that off my Vegan chest!! So, in a way I am a selfish Vegan because I want to be Vegan for the health benefits. I’ve been a partial vegetarian for over 20 years and a vegetarian for 19 years. So, new chapter of being Vegan.

I feel wonderful, the gut pain is gone, and I believe this is the optimum way of life for me. I’ve spent those past years studying the work and research of Neal Barnard, M.D., John McDougall, M.D., Dean Ornish, M.D., Dr. Peter J. D’Adamo, Andrew Weil, M.D. and the Seventh Day Adventist Church (no, I am not a member – just a fan of their way of life). I love the 21 Day Vegan Kickstart plan and am currently enrolled in another of their kickstarts – new learning each time.


Now those goals:

1. Get a picture and more stuff on my About Me tab – I don’t want to be anonymous anymore.

2. Develop my Top Ten Fave Recipes.

     (It’s a process – pictures to follow)

3.  Find the balance between blogging and exercising – I need to exercise more.



 My goals ended on 3 for now – may be more later i.e.: travel more and worry less

Vegan Fare for New Years Eve and Day

What’s on the menu?

We Vegans need to prepare ahead in order to have food that is palatable and Vegan.

Now that Christmas is behind me I am planning a quiet fun New Years with a friend. We have gotten together the past few years to sip wine, set goals for the New Years, and welcome in the New Year. So have some planning to do – check back as I share the planning and welcoming in another glorious year!!

Tryptophan isn’t just for Turkey lovers – It’s for Vegan lovers, too

Wow, that was a statement.

Vegans hear the statement around the fall holidays, “Too bad you don’t get Tryptophan, like us Turkey eaters!!” as they rub their bellies and flop on the couch for a post-meal rest.

Frankly, I feel a bit sleepy after preparing that huge meal for carnivores and vegans and consuming the charbohydrate laden vegan holiday meal. So, what’s up with that, Turkey!?!? Uh, we Vegans like our Turkeys roaming.

Uh, Neal Barnard, could you please explain this one – HELP!!

Well, he’s not really live here in my post, but I’ve been reading, Foods That Cause You To Lose Weight: The Negative Calorie Effect (1992) by Neal Barnard, M.D. and so feels like he is here to support my argument about Vegans being able to benefit from Trytophan during the holidays and other times of the year, i.e. 21 Day Vegan Kickstart.

Get your chemistry brain on now!

Chemistry Brain

Big Long Neal Barnard quote:

“…Carbohydrates break down in the body to sugars, which, in
turn, stimulate insulin secretion. Insulin is a hormone produced in the
pancreas. It helps get sugar out of the blood stream and into the cells of the
body. Now that is not all insulin does. It also helps amino acids, which are
the building blocks of protein, to get out of the  blood stream and into the cells.  So, after a carbohydrate-rich meal, insulin drives the sugar and the amino acids out of the blood and into the cells.

Now here is the interesting part: As the insulin drives the amino acids out of the blood, it leaves behind one particular amino acid called tryptophan. Tryptophan stays behind because it is stuck to the large carrier molecule. Without all the other amino acids around, tryptophan has less competition for getting into the brain. So the tryptophan passes into the brain, where it is converted to serotonin, which can alter moods, and cause sleepiness (Neal Barnard, M.D., 1992).”

So, there you go! Trypophan is for Vegan’s, too. If that was your 1st or 100th excuse for not joining PCRM’s 21 Vegan Kickstart – just join and drop the excuses.


Barnard, N.D., M.D., Brown, J., & Bates, D.R. (2009). Foods that cause you to lose weight: the negative calorie effect. McKinney, TX: Magni Group.

May 6th – Epic Day

Where’s your Wing Man ?

Our best buddies should be supporting us as we find our way to watch Forks Over Knives – yesterday the premier in LA and New York. The rest of us may have to wait a day or two and then find our way to the nearest large city for the debut in our area. I ask you to support this film. Check out what the folks at those premiers will be getting – awesome!! read on

Surf over to Veg News to read more about this movie. Here’s the link to their main page. Go ahead and just add to your favorites: Facebook Secret: friend VegNews Magazine and you will find out about give aways…. here’s what they posted yesterday: “For our LA & NYC fans, the new pro-vegetarian film, FORKS OVER KNIVES, is opening in your cities today. VN has partnered with FOK for an amazing giveaway this Monday for those who see the movie opening weekend (copies of China Study, Engine 2 Diet, 21-Day Weight Loss, FOK hoodie & gym bag, VN Gift Pack with 1-year subscription, tote bag, & T-shirt). …” 5/06/2011. How cool was that.

 Here is a quote from Fork Over Knives web page “The feature film Forks Over Knives examines the profound claim that most, if not all, of the degenerative diseases that afflict us can be controlled, or even reversed, by rejecting our present menu of animal-based and processed foods.” , 5/6/2011.  That’s Epic in my book.

Seriously, I have been a strict vegetarian for 19 years – longer if I could my learning toward and in and out lifestyle and this past year working toward and finally becoming a Vegan. Those early years we vegetarians were considered freakish – really. But the more I read back then and I knew that it was disease reversing. More that 20 years ago I attending cooking classes at a local Seventh Day Adventist Church. Oh, the food they prepared everyday for the attendees was amazing. It started me on a road to recovery.

I haven’t seen the film and am not paid to promote, but I believe this will be another seed in many people’s brains and souls to make positive changes in their diets and lifestyles.

 Take your Wing Man/Woman/Friend [fill in the blank]. The journey is always better with a partner.