Memorial Day Weekend in the US

The highways are crowded and the summer tourist season begins!! Memorial Day is spend very unique to each:  camping, hiking, enjoying the beach and/or the mountains, honoring military veterans and loved ones who have passed on, barbecuing, family get togethers, music festivals or staycations to name a few off the top of my head. No matter the event, everyone plans are often around travel and food.

‘ssI haven’t published my final pictures of Jim Lahey’s pizzas,  actually once I create and bake the pizza’s they became my pizzas. I used his recipe and method, so technically choose to call them his pizzas. The book My Pizza is written by Jim Lahey & Rick Faste, so need to quit saying that it is just Jim Lahey’s pizza.

Now I have to find my pictures and upload.

Also, watch for my Memorial Day Menu!



21 Day Vegan Kickstart – Did you Take the Challenge?

Awww. it’s always tough to make changes to our diets and our mindset. In case you didn’t sign up for the 21 Day Vegan Kickstart you could purchase the kickstart book or another book of interest by Neal Barnard, M.D..

I have had a very busy week at work and didn’t get my cooking done last Sunday. I will admit I was working on Jim Lahey’s pizza dough recipes and baking pizza. Vegan,  no oil… just didn’t get my kickstart food prepped.

Next week will be on the kickstart and following a modified plan, since I am allergic to soy and often cooking just for myself. I usually pick 2-3 recipes a week and that’s plenty for me. I have oatmeal every morning, so don’t need a lot of variety of breakfast.


Jim Lahey’s Pizza Crust

I know I said that I would talk about the Kickstart and I will.

If you’ve been following my blog, you know I love pizza. I grew up with lots of allergies and often pizza was a safe food – fully cooked and yummy. Well, also allergic to dairy, so the pizza wasn’t much of a friend, but learned to love it without the dairy. I’ve been waiting for Jim Lahey’s My Pizza cookbook for a while and was delighted to purchase on my iPad. So, have salivated over the pictures (the pizza not the meat) and imagined all the Vegan alternative I could create, but avoiding the crust recipe. Feared it was loaded with milk and olive oil – why did I wait??? No dairy – No oil!! Vegan & Delightful!

In the Lahey tradition the recipe calls for mixing the ingredients, covering and waiting for atleast 18 hours. Easy

I have a batch mixed and cultivating on my counter.

Jim Lahey’s My Pizza Cookbook

Yup, pre-ordered the e-book on my iPad. It just arrived and the pictures of the crusts are amazing. I don’t really care that meat is featured, i can make alterations around the meat and dairy-oh but the crust will be amazing.

I have a no oil crust that i used for years, but is a high maintenance crust from start to finish. Excited to try Jim Lahey’s! Will let you know my favorites.

Vegan Fat Tuesday

Did Fat Tuesday sneak up on you, too?  President’s Day gave me an exta day off this past weekend and so thought I had an extra day to blog about Fat Tuesday.

Well, tuck these bits of info away for next year or just enjoy all year long. My grandma would recite a German phrase that meant, “First comes laughter, then comes crying!” She often said it when a bunch of cousins were assembled laughing our heads off and she knew what was coming next…you can fill in the blank. Anyways Fat Tuesday is the laughter fun time before the Lenten time of the Liturgical year leading up to Easter. 40 days to turn inward for reflection….Let’s get back to the laugher and wait a day for the lamenting. Hence, Fat Tuesday!

I splurged and bought the New Vegan Tofurky Italian Sausage and Fire Roasted Veggie Pizza. I’m not a fan of eating fake meat – I don’t want anything that resembles animal parts, but this pizza is good and the spicy faux sausage is tastefully done right by the folks at Turtle Island Foods, Inc. It doesn’t scream “I want to taste exactly like a piece of meat!” and the added Vegan cheese is a pleasure. This is coming from someone with soy allergies, but totally worth a Fat Tuesday treat.

Now here’s a couple of links and recipes that you may have try later, since Fat Tuesday is about over.

Vegan King Cake Recipe

One Serving Banana Bread Muffin (yup, you heard me right) from my fellow blogger, Vegan Shiela 2012.