Where’s That Vegan Cookbook

Someone had this great idea at work to have folks bring holiday cookies everyday this week. Kinda like a cookie exchange, but instead to just indulge and enjoy as we get through finals – I work at a college. No set days, just bring at will. I volunteered and added “mine will be vegan and yummy”. No comments from the lovely e-mail.

So, was excited to get home and pour over the few baking Vegan cookbooks I have. Problem – I couldn’t find the vegan baking one that I had in my head- like, where would it go? Today sat on the floor to make sure that I wasn’t missing it by looking from above. Nope! I have been known to get rid of a book at whim on my way to Half Price Books, but rarely a cookbook and even more rare a vegan cookbook. I did find a lovely book for our white elephant: Highballs High Heels: a girls guide to the art of cocktails. Oww, that might be a re-gift! Don’t use it  – Don’t need it.

Well, once I started focusing on taking that book out of my library I remembered that the book I was looking for is an e-book. How does one reference those on the book shelf? Then on my i-Pad I have aps for iBooks, Nook, Blio & Kindle. more searching… found Party Vegan by Robin Robertson & Vegan Baking Classics by Kelly Rudnicki in iBooks and Vegan Soul Kitchen: Fresh, Healthy, and Creative African-American Cuisine by Bryant Terry.

Now have to settle in, search recipes and decide what to bake. I love cookbooks!