Vegan Recipes: Print or Video

When I decided to try a vegan diet, recipes were mostly in cookbooks, a few apps and on some blogs and websites. What about cooking videos? Well, back then there was Vegan Black Metal Chef and he is still creating recipes and making videos.

Sometimes a video is helpful. Today on Facebook I saw an ad for Chef Steps (not vegan) in Seattle, WA. I don’t click on Facebook ads, so Goggled them and found a great cooking site with fee based and free classes (that include videos), but they are not vegan. They do have a couple of technique classes I would like to take.  Sent the site to a few friends who might be interested and then wondered if there are more vegan cooking videos online – free, I like free.

I found sisters Heather and Jenny at Spork. Check them out and watch their videos if it helps you cook, be inspired, or just love to watch cooking videos. Need someone with lots of energy and easy lunches, check out Meghan and her Healthy Lunches on YouTube. I love her idea putting everything in a mason jar and then you have lunch…done and done. I’m listening to Cooking with Plants‘ video as I finish.

Print or Video – try both.



Memorial Day Weekend in the US

The highways are crowded and the summer tourist season begins!! Memorial Day is spend very unique to each:  camping, hiking, enjoying the beach and/or the mountains, honoring military veterans and loved ones who have passed on, barbecuing, family get togethers, music festivals or staycations to name a few off the top of my head. No matter the event, everyone plans are often around travel and food.

‘ssI haven’t published my final pictures of Jim Lahey’s pizzas,  actually once I create and bake the pizza’s they became my pizzas. I used his recipe and method, so technically choose to call them his pizzas. The book My Pizza is written by Jim Lahey & Rick Faste, so need to quit saying that it is just Jim Lahey’s pizza.

Now I have to find my pictures and upload.

Also, watch for my Memorial Day Menu!


Vegan Chili Dog and a Guiness Extra Stout, Please

Back in the 1060’s and early ’70 men either didn’t cook or were beginning to cook a bit (well, outside of barbecuing). My dad was a big strapping guy who loved to cook  his famous dishes and one was the Chili Dog. Actually this was one that he either used canned chili or Mom’s leftover (the best). He married my mom when I was in middle school (Jr. High back then) and I gained an amazing dad!!

We would start with a large, wide, flat on the bottom. soup bowl and lay down a hot dog bun, then a cooked hot dog or two and smother it all with ample chili. Next was fresh chopped white onions and a lot of grated cheese. Heaven in the bowl!! I was too young for beer, but I added that years later.

Here’s to you, Dad!! I’m sure he was looking down from heaven wishing he was sitting with me eating a chili dog (maybe not ’cause it was vegan). Thanks for all the good memories, Dad!!

Vegan Chili Dog

21Vegan Kickstart – What’s Hot off the Stove

Crazy Busy!!!! I’m sure you don’t want to hear about my week. Pretty sure you may have had a busy week too!

This week I was dreaming a bit ’cause the 21 Day Vegan  Kickstart has lots of new recipes to try during this kickstart. I was excited about a variety recipes this week and was a bit over rambunctious about my goals. I had 5 dishes I really wanted to try, but don’t have much time to cook once the work week starts. Additionally, I don’t need too much food each week (that’s why the dishes below look half full/empty.

I actually cooked Cuban Black Bean and Potato Soup, Basic Tomato Sauce, and Penne al Forno. I prepared the soup Sunday evening and took a couple pictures while cooking, but forgot the final picture, so will post that later.

pasta salad and tomato sauce

VegFest 2012 – 1st Timer

I’ve been a Vegan for over a year and a Vegetarian for over 20 and last weekend was my first time at VegFest in Seattle. I arrived late for a number of reasons – won’t bore you with details. I really wanted to hear  and see Dr. Neal Bernard’s presentation. Actually could have stood outside and heard it all, because as I was walking past the back of the building could hear him very clearly though some vents – odd huh!!

I paid and rushed to the back of the large room as that is where he was presenting. I’ll write more later on his talk and the book I purchased.

After the lecture folks were taking down their booths, but still had time to talk to a few vendors, try a few samples and joined Vegetarians of Washington. I also purchased two books at their table: the Veg-Feasting Cookbook: favorite Recipes from Local Restaurants and Leading Chefs in the Pacific Northwest & Vegetarian Pacific Northwest: A Guide to Restaurants and Shopping. I need to get out more and discover the wonderful restaurants in the area and support Vegan restauranteurs and Chefs.

VegFest is definitely worth attending. Next time will attend earlier in the day and catch more of the lectures and cooking demonstrations.

I’ve already tried one of the recipes from the Veg-Feasting Cookbook: Lentil Pottage from Abou Karim in Oregon (p. 162)

My rendition of Lentil Pottage:

1/2 cup lentils

2+ c. low sodium vegetable broth

1/2 onion

1/8 tsp. cumin

dash of salt and pepper.

Rinse lentils then combine with  2 c. vegetable broth in a pan/pot (bring to a boil and then lower to simmer) cook for 15 minutes. Ten minutes into cooking saute onions with spices in a small amount of vegetable broth until cooked but crisp. Add to lentil mixture and continue cooking until Lentils are fully cooked – check every 5 minutes.

This recipes is very tasty, easy to prep and  quick.  I was drawn to it because it said it could be eaten hot or cold. Sometimes just don’t have time to heat!!

Michelle’s Hummus Recipe

Sorry, the re-blog feature cut off the recipe – here you go!

This hummus recipe was adapted from one posted by royhobbs on

1 clove garlic, chopped 2 c cooked chickpeas (or 1 15-oz can rinsed and drained)

juice from 1 lemon (about 4 T)

2 T tahini

1 T olive oil

1 t salt black pepper to taste

Put all ingredients in a food processor and process until smooth.

Busy Weekend – Who’s Cooking??

Long busy weekend and not a lot of cooking time. But when the work week approaches I need good whole foods to sustain me. This evening had to take a couple of hours in the kitchen and cook – pure and simple.

I thought that I had lots of red lentils when I chose to make Lentil Dal with Spinach (Palak Moong Dal). My mouth was watering when I reached in the cupboard for the canister of red lentils, but it felt too light.  I couldn’t turn back and decided that I would use the small amount of red and add regular Western Washington lentils to the mix. It’s delicious and now have to get back to the kitchen to make a large salad.

Here’s to a healthy, whole-food, vegan week!!

What do you think of Fat Tuesdays? Hummm…

Another Vegan’s Superbowl Menu

It happens! You’re invited over to someone’s place or you invite friends in to watch the Superbowl. You are a lucky vegan if all of your friends are vegan, but mine aren’t and figure I’m not alone. What to do! Aside from hearing all the gross oinking and mooing over their meat dishes, I’ll look past the chiding and stand firm with my vegan beliefs.  I may not convert ‘em, but am sure going to feed everyone some tasty vegan whole foods. Lips will be smacking and ummmm sounds will be happening out of those former mooing and oinking mouths! Here’s my simple yet hearty menu, cause I like to watch football and not be cooking in the kitchen for everyone else. Cook this up Saturday and give it a day to drive in the flavors. TOUCHDOWN!!

Black Bean Chili

Tomatillo Sauce

Fresh Salsa


Shredded Salad


Jalapeño Cornbread

Vegan Cupcakes – optional (not!)