Guinness Trivia and Fun Facts

St Patrick’s Day – Ireland – Guinness

Seems to be a good match to me!! I was in Barnes and Noble last week looking for Jim Lahey’s No Knead Bread book, but it was sold out (I guess), but did find a wee treasure: Little-Know Facts about Well-Know Places: Ireland. Figured I could get some fun facts for the blog and then pass it on to my Irish son.

Here’s a bit of trivia as well as some useful facts from Little-Know Facts about Well-Know Places: Ireland by David Hoffman:

“When Arther Guinness opened the original Guinness Brewery in Dublin in 1759, he signed a 9,000-year lease on the property, which required a small deposit and locked in an annual rent equivalent to $85.00.” p. 10

“2,304,000 pints of Guinness that can be fermented in one brewing at the company’s original St. James Gate facility in Dublin.” p.11

“The best pint in Ireland is frequently reported to be at Mulligan’s on Poolbeg Street in Dublin, where, according to folklore, its freshness is attributed to a pipe underneath the bar that connects directly to the basement of the Guinness brewery.” p. 15

Here is the bad news for Vegans (wait, there is good news right after this):

“The Guinness production process uses a tiny amount of isinglass, a form of gelatin, as a clarification agent. Because isinglass is extracted from the swim bladders of Beluga sturgeon and other fish, Guinness (to the dismay of many) is considered neither vegan nor vegetarian.” p. 12

Here is the good news, compliments of Barnivore:

Guiness Extra Stout – North America is Vegan Friendly and there are some chilling in my frig for St. Patrick’s Day and cooking – wink!