Vegan Recipes: Print or Video

When I decided to try a vegan diet, recipes were mostly in cookbooks, a few apps and on some blogs and websites. What about cooking videos? Well, back then there was Vegan Black Metal Chef and he is still creating recipes and making videos.

Sometimes a video is helpful. Today on Facebook I saw an ad for Chef Steps (not vegan) in Seattle, WA. I don’t click on Facebook ads, so Goggled them and found a great cooking site with fee based and free classes (that include videos), but they are not vegan. They do have a couple of technique classes I would like to take.  Sent the site to a few friends who might be interested and then wondered if there are more vegan cooking videos online – free, I like free.

I found sisters Heather and Jenny at Spork. Check them out and watch their videos if it helps you cook, be inspired, or just love to watch cooking videos. Need someone with lots of energy and easy lunches, check out Meghan and her Healthy Lunches on YouTube. I love her idea putting everything in a mason jar and then you have lunch…done and done. I’m listening to Cooking with Plants‘ video as I finish.

Print or Video – try both.



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