Where’s That Vegan Cookbook

Someone had this great idea at work to have folks bring holiday cookies everyday this week. Kinda like a cookie exchange, but instead to just indulge and enjoy as we get through finals – I work at a college. No set days, just bring at will. I volunteered and added “mine will be vegan and yummy”. No comments from the lovely e-mail.

So, was excited to get home and pour over the few baking Vegan cookbooks I have. Problem – I couldn’t find the vegan baking one that I had in my head- like, where would it go? Today sat on the floor to make sure that I wasn’t missing it by looking from above. Nope! I have been known to get rid of a book at whim on my way to Half Price Books, but rarely a cookbook and even more rare a vegan cookbook. I did find a lovely book for our white elephant: Highballs High Heels: a girls guide to the art of cocktails. Oww, that might be a re-gift! Don’t use it  – Don’t need it.

Well, once I started focusing on taking that book out of my library I remembered that the book I was looking for is an e-book. How does one reference those on the book shelf? Then on my i-Pad I have aps for iBooks, Nook, Blio & Kindle. more searching… found Party Vegan by Robin Robertson & Vegan Baking Classics by Kelly Rudnicki in iBooks and Vegan Soul Kitchen: Fresh, Healthy, and Creative African-American Cuisine by Bryant Terry.

Now have to settle in, search recipes and decide what to bake. I love cookbooks!



4 thoughts on “Where’s That Vegan Cookbook

  1. Eat Your Books might be a website of interest to you. It allows you to catalog and tag your cookbooks. The cool this is that if your cookbook has been inventoried, you can pull up the main ingredients of the recipe. It allows you to peruse your books by ingredient, cooking style, etc. I use the tags to identify whether the book is real or electronic. this may be helpful to you. I can say, I am using my cookbooks more now than ever.

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