Back Cooking & Blogging

Sorry, I was feeling like I dropped off the earth – well, I did drop off the blogging earth. This summer began taking some classes for work, so have been preoccupied, but also eating poorly from being so busy.

This past week I have re-dedicated myself to get back in the kitchen and cook. My new craving this fall is organic sweet potatoes. I have never been a fan, but my tastebuds have changed and I love them. My daugher was ill and we were talking. She asked me if I ever tired her recipe for sweet potato and black bean enchiladas – I sheepishly had to say no. Since I had recently purchased a small bag of sweet potatoes I tried the enchiladas. Oh so delicious.

I’m writing a paper for a class, so will post more on my sweet potato recipes!! Glad to be back blogging and eating better.


2 thoughts on “Back Cooking & Blogging

  1. Mmmm sweet potatoes are the best. Scrub them and toss them in a slow cooker while you’re at work. They will be creamy and delicious when you get home. You won’t regret it! Oh and welcome back!

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