Silk PureAlmond Dark Chocolate

I’ve searched the container and the website to see if their Dark Chocolate drink is Vegan. I love the produce that add the V (Vegan).  Humm It is the only PureAlmond product with caffeine. Here’s partially what I found on their Q&A page.

Q. Does Silk Pure Almond almondmilk contain caffeine?

A. Silk Pure Almond Dark Chocolate almondmilk is the only flavor with caffeine. It contains about 3.5 mg of caffeine per 8-ounce serving. All other flavors are caffeine-free. As a comparison, one cup of regular coffee contains 115 to 175 mg of caffeine and one cup of decaf coffee contains 3 to 4 mg.

Q. Does Silk Pure Almond almondmilk contain any animal products or by-products?

A. There are no animal products, by-products or derivatives in our products, making them completely vegan. All vitamins used to fortify Silk products are vegetable-derived. The source for the calcium in Silk Pure Almond almondmilk is natural limestone.

I bought the individual 8 oz. size and found them on sale for 10 for $10.00, and got a combo of regular and Dark Chocolate, but then worried that they were not vegan. Have one chilling and really want to try it so, did some research. I will consume after I post!!!!


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