21Vegan Kickstart – What’s Hot off the Stove

Crazy Busy!!!! I’m sure you don’t want to hear about my week. Pretty sure you may have had a busy week too!

This week I was dreaming a bit ’cause the 21 Day Vegan  Kickstart has lots of new recipes to try during this kickstart. I was excited about a variety recipes this week and was a bit over rambunctious about my goals. I had 5 dishes I really wanted to try, but don’t have much time to cook once the work week starts. Additionally, I don’t need too much food each week (that’s why the dishes below look half full/empty.

I actually cooked Cuban Black Bean and Potato Soup, Basic Tomato Sauce, and Penne al Forno. I prepared the soup Sunday evening and took a couple pictures while cooking, but forgot the final picture, so will post that later.

pasta salad and tomato sauce


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