Jim Lahey’s No Knead Baquette (Stecca) Rising

I know I should be making soda bread for St. Patrick’s day, but am seeing if my baquettes would be presentable for tea our area is hosting at work this week. His recipes are but my bread may not be presentable. One of my grown sons is a baker, so my baking skills are not up to par – I taught him how to bake bread, but that 12-year-old quickly surpassed my baking skills.

If you are afraid of bread dough, Jim Lahey techniques are amazing. I was shocked the first time I mixed this baguette and used a minimal amount of yeast and adding cool water. WHAT – cool water and yeast – my head wanted to explode. To make bread I was taught by my mom to heat the water and use a thermometer or the yeast would die, true if it’s too hot, but cool water. Yup! Bread baking isn’t that hard and the benefits are tremendous! No fillers, lots of variety, the house smells wonderful and fresh bread is delicious. Not to mention such a cheap treat to take to potlucks and use as gifts.

I was looking for the recipe (will share later today) and came across The Bread Time Line: A Brief New Your Baking History on the online NY Magazine.

oh, about my skills – I forgot to add the olive oil, so added it at the end. The good thing about bread dough is it is very forgiving and I know that in the end it will be all mixed. Normally there wouldn’t be an oil around the edges of the dough. Those bubbles show that the yeast is alive and working!!!

Jim Lahey's no knead baguettes (Stecca)


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