PCRM For Not Starting

Interesting name for a post, huh? I was just checking my stats and saw that someone used PCRM For Not Starting as a search. Oh, the excuses I’ve used for not signing up or not successfully finishing a 21 Vegan Kickstart. Really, it’s out there for anyone to try for a day for 21 or for the rest of our lives. The only thing to not starting is the personal ANTS (automatic negative thoughts) we often inflict on ourselves;  Dr. Daniel Amen introduced me to ANTS in one of his books. Yeah, well, these aren’t good things, so better to sign up and try the kickstart. A new one is beginning in April 2nd and I am looking forward to another Kickstart.

Why? Well, even though I am a vegan it’s easy to grab processed food. The 21 Day Vegan Kickstart brings me back to center with eating whole foods and connecting to wonderful folks on the forum.

April 2nd is the next Kickstart so jump on over and sign up!! Success is taking a step and then another and another – often it’s just one step. Take it!



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