Reducing my Food-Waste Footprint

Reducing my Food-Waste Footprint

Just how much food goes in my trash? I believe there is a correlation to what I heard many times in my childhood: “Eat the food on your plate; there are hungry children in Africa.” As a child that made no sense, especially since I was riddled with food allergies and hated to eat (food=pain). I would have gladly shared my plate of food, but in my child’s innocence I understood the impossibility to instantly co-locate a hungry child to my side. Now that I am older and hopefully wiser, I believe a better phrase may have led to better dialogue and understanding.

Adult: Eat enough food to nourish yourself, we don’t want food wasted and we can all do our part to help hungry children in the world.

Child: How can I do that?

Adult: That’s a good question! Let’s discuss some ways we all waste food, find ways to reduce our waste and then pass that savings on as a donation to charities to help children around the world. Would you like to help?

I had a childhood flashback while I was writing my goals this year. I’ve been looking at money spent, wasted, and saved. I want more saved money! But during this process realized that I needed to also help others more  in the process because my brain keeps playing back my mom’s message, “Eat the food on your plate; there are hungry children in Africa.” I know there are hungry people everywhere including the US. I’ve served on a food bank board and better understand the poverty and hunger in our communities. I know I can do more. My Hunger Action Plan is a work in process and will keep sharing with you all.

First step: Reduce my food-waste footprint.


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