Another Vegan’s Superbowl Menu

It happens! You’re invited over to someone’s place or you invite friends in to watch the Superbowl. You are a lucky vegan if all of your friends are vegan, but mine aren’t and figure I’m not alone. What to do! Aside from hearing all the gross oinking and mooing over their meat dishes, I’ll look past the chiding and stand firm with my vegan beliefs.  I may not convert ‘em, but am sure going to feed everyone some tasty vegan whole foods. Lips will be smacking and ummmm sounds will be happening out of those former mooing and oinking mouths! Here’s my simple yet hearty menu, cause I like to watch football and not be cooking in the kitchen for everyone else. Cook this up Saturday and give it a day to drive in the flavors. TOUCHDOWN!!

Black Bean Chili

Tomatillo Sauce

Fresh Salsa


Shredded Salad


Jalapeño Cornbread

Vegan Cupcakes – optional (not!)


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