Amy’s Roasted Vegetable Vegan Pizza Plus

Snowmageddon 2012 is coming to a close in the Pacific NW and today was the first day out after 4 days in (well, not out in a vehicle). I walked when it was first nice and snowy; I stayed inside when trees were splitting and branches breaking from the heavy laden ice .

So, today found myself being very good in the grocery store purchasing lots of organic veggies and fruits, but really wanted a Starbucks coffee and pizza. Bummer the store I chose didn’t have a Starbucks – grrrrr. I found myself in the health food section staring at the pizza section reminding myself that there was not a pizza in there for my vegan self. Ah, then I saw Amy’s Rosted Vegetable Pizza No Cheese. Love how they say INGREDIENTS(VEGAN); that’s clear and no second guessing when they also atate (no hidden ingredients).

OK – here’s the but! It’s the only store-bought pizza I ever get on occasion and my palate is too familiar. Well, not only did I have cabin fever by last Friday, I was out of yeast, so couldn’t make pizza. So, of course, I purchased the begging Amy’s pizza and add fresh tomatoes and garlic.

Here’s my perfectly delicious lunch. Yes, my palate was newly engaged and my processed food desire was quenched.


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