All in a Days Work

I mentioned that I was going to be traveling today. I was in Olympia at a senator’s shareholder’s meeting and afterwards met a couple of colleagues for coffee at Starbucks. It was pouring rain and by the time I arrived (had a block to walk) I was soaked with rain and something else. A bird had pooped down the back of me and I wasn’t aware. As I was ordering my coffee a colleague and a dear friend, saw the long white streaks down my back of me and began cleaning me off with napkins. Thanks for good friends!

Then, I couldn’t go home and change, but had to get back to work in another city. In the middle of my meeting, back at work, I touched a part of my head and realized that I had been hit in the head as well, but with the rain it was a bit imbedded. Oh dear, had to wait until the meeting was over to get to the restroom.

Sorry if that was TMI, but that was my day!! Grateful that I had a cup of lentil soup in the refrigerator ready for heating – ahhhhhhh.



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