Vision Board for 2012

Gotta admit I love Vision Boards and last evening created my third. I have 2010, 2011 & now 2012. My friend created her first and then I forgot to take a picture before she left today – she loves hers, too.

Search for Vision Boards and you will find several ways to spend your money and get your head swimming in schemes that are almost not attainable. Relax – all that is not needed.

Vision – bigger picture; Goals – fall under vision – smaller and more defined.  Goals: swim more, do more Pilates and Yoga, and practice more consistent weight training. The broader vision is building a stronger body. I am very goal focused so my vision board each year focuses on finding balance of body, mind & soul. A few details are there, but not how to get there (goal setting).

My specific goal planning begins New Years Day (notice that I said begins) – more to follow.

Here’s a picture – not a great picture and a bit difficult to see as it is muted and calming for me.


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