Simple Christmas Eve Menu

Oh Christmas Traditions – my sweet mom cooked Lasagna & Oyster Stew (my dad’s fav) for many years. She didn’t break tradition.

I’m breaking tradition!! I now prefer a simple hearty, healthy vegan meal for Christmas Eve, cause we graze and eat finger foods on Christmas Day. No one else in my family is Vegan, so there will be a variety of foods served and that’s cool. I love Lasagna, don’t get me wrong. Once again, I will save the Lasagna for another time, create new memories, and savor my past.

I struggled with the wine choice this year because my choices are not totally Vegan, yet. I found an amazing local (Washington state) winery in Everett, WA: Port Gardner Bay Winery. They use a minimal amount of microbes and sulfites and I appreciate the care they use in their wine making.

My daughter and I attended a wine making class this fall at Port Gardner Bay Winery. I wanted to scrutinize the process to see why wine wasn’t Vegan. I was pretty certain it was the microbes, but turns out it’s animal proteins. I do want to have a discussion with the vintner about animal proteins – I don’t think he uses them, but will follow-up. Now back to the menu.


Vegan Small Fare’s 2011 Christmas Eve Menu

Minestrone Soup (I have an old recipe from the Sunset Magazine – now Veganized)

Homemade Stecca (Jim Lahey’s Recipe)

Port Gardner Bay’s 2010 Columbia Valley Riesling

Port Gardner Bay’s 2009 Columbia Valley Petit Verdot

Bon Appetit!

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