Day 1 of 21Day Vegan Kickstart

This is my 4th Vegan Kickstart. This time I’m cooking more of the Kickstart’s recipes. I need more recipes I can depend on and add to my recipe collection. Unfortunately, I have an opinion and tend to change ingredients at will or by what I have on hand.

Yesterday, I made a tidy grocery list and left it sitting on the table. Sheesh – I could only remember couscous, 2 red peppers (I needed 3), carrots, and a red cabbage. Also, picked up Israli Couscous instead of the smaller grained Couscous – it worked out as I don’t really like Couscous, but was willing to give it another chance. To make it more difficult I purchased from the bulk bin, so didn’t know how to cook the larger sized couscous.I searched the internet and then after several cookbooks, I learned from Veganomics. Then everything started coming together. After some heavy duty cooking here was the food of the day:


Couscous Confetti SaladCarrot & Red Pepper Soup