What’s Your Excuse?

Wanna be a Vegan? Wanna try a Vegan Diet? Wanna be a Vegan for 21 days….

The shopping list is ready for you & anyone who is interested. Go ahead, hop over to PCRM and learn more about the 21-Day Vegan Kickstart. Need a book or an iPhone ap? Here’s another link for your convenience.

Well, it took me several tries before I made it to 21 days and beyond. Oh, I had excuses, too.

Excuse #5 – I love Cheese.  Take most anything away, but not cheese. It blends well – who would want to live without Feta and Cheddar – I didn’t. Ha, I sure feel better without it!! I’m actually looking forward to having my Cholesterol… checked.

Last evening I have munched on fresh corn on the cob from the farmer’s market and humus with crackers. Oh, no, there was no butter on my corn. It was fresh and tasted wonderful plain (no food additives) on the cob.


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