Cookbook Purge

This weekend I cleaned out my cookbooks. I don’t need 10 Vegetarian cookbooks that I haven’t touched in 2 years, but did keep all of my Moosewood cookbooks. I also keep my Fannie Farmer and Better Crocker cookbooks – they have been with me for over 30 years. Also kept some that were my moms – rest in peace sweet mama. Thanks for teaching me how to cook and love food.

I have been a Vegan for 8 months now and feel very committed – helps to feel better, too. The weight is coming off and that’s amazing, since I will be 60 in 2012. I have more weight to lose, but love that I’m not on a fad diet and am able to eat an abundance of fruits and vegetables. A new lifestyle is better than a diet any day! Really, when you think about it, our diet is what we eat each day. I like thinking of it as a lifestyle instead of a diet.

Oh yes, back to the purge. My bookcase looks very nice with room to grow, decorative bowls on the top shelf, a ceramic pot and pitcher on the second shelf half filled with vegan and old books, and infused oil on the bottom shelf 3/4 filled with baking and vegetable cookbooks. I have two sacks full of books for a trip to half-priced books.


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