Random Vegan Shopping

Yes, today I left with a grocery list; I didn’t exactly follow the list. You know that I have had an obsession of corn on the cob this summer – well, beets are the close second. I can’t get enough of the red wonders. I have a story about beets that I want to share with you, but will have to take some time to write it! You bloggers know what I mean – it will take a little time.

Here are a few things I picked up today and will be on my cooking repertoire for the week: beets (well duh), cilantro, parsley, a jalapeno, mushrooms, an onion, 2 cloves of garlic, organic carrots (peeled and in a plastic bag). I am so very allergic to raw carrots – cooked, I’m good! That about sums it up for fresh produce. I really wanted to pick up more corn, but they were 2 for a dollar – no thanks. Obviously that where I drew a line.

Summer has finally arrived in Western Washington, so am craving salads.


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