Saturday Evening Sunset

Saturday evening was yet another dinner for a co-worker who is leaving and beginning a new chapter in her life. She is trusting her intuition and moving back to California to spend time with her aging parents and to begin a closer day-to-day life with her fiance.

I brought my camera, although her cousin showed up with a fancy 35mm Nikon…. So, I only took a few pictures that I wanted and was actually watching the time, because I figured a beautiful sunset was brewing this evening. Fortunatly I arrived right before the sun exited behind McNeil Island. I got a few shots in Steilacoom and then drove over to Chamber Bay in University Place to capture a few more.

Steilacoom, WA

Sun setting behind the Olympic Mtns.

Next stop was Chamber Bay – it was pretty windy so half of my photos were blurry. Sun going down behind the Olympic Mountains. Ahhh

Yes, a freight trains was going by, hence the rectangular dark objects in the fore-ground. I couldn’t wait – had to take the pictures.

Tacoma, WA


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