Phone Aps (Applications)

I have a Droid and dream of one day owning an iPhone. Dreamy thoughts….

Well, my Droids has a few aps that I added to enhance my life and a few my sons added that don’t necessarily enhance my life but are fun to play: Angry Birds and Penquin Golf.

Vegan Friendly Aps:

 I hopped on the Urbanspoon ap this morning to find Vegan restaurants in the Seattle-Tacoma area. I had to use several clicks to find Vegan and Vegan Friendly restaurants. It is doable. I had to get though Vegetarian links and then once at a restaurant site I clicked Vegan and it suggested more Vegan restaurants.

Veg Guide is another one I use when searching for Vegan restaurants. This ap is attached to Google Maps, so it finds your location and suggests points of interest in that area. Hover over the tagged spots and it gives you quick info – tap on the spot and get more info. It also lists if the restaurant also serves meat and if it has separate Vegan or vegetarian menus or selections. 

Epicurious is also on my phone – peer pressure from a friend, but do find myself using it when I want to do some recipe searching and don’t want to fire up the computer. Search for Vegan and they state they have 1,411 Vegan recipes. I am curious about the Beet Bundt Cake.

I also have an ab workout ap that I actually use. It’s there (first line) so it reminds me to hit the floor and to work on abs. I don’t do it at work – just at home. TMI


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