Vegan Brownie Malfunction

It should have been an easy recipe conversion. My mom’s best friend’s Brownie recipe converted to a vegan treat – not!

Baking is a chemical  process, but I really thought it would be easy to replace the butter with non-hydrogenated shortening, eggs with egg replacer and milk with coconut milk. What could go wrong? I mixed it just as I had for years except with the replace articles. It was rising in the oven, but when I took it out it was flat as a hockey puck, but still had faith it would taste wonderful. Before going to bed I was just going to have a taste, but the knife wouldn’t penetrate any surface of that giant brownie. Actually turned the pan upside down on the counter and beat the heck out of the bottom of the pan. Blam the hard brownie puck hit the counter. Oh- sadness.

My staff at work laughed and laughed when I told the story, explaining why I showed up to work empty handed in the treat department. One suggested I shellac it and paint the Cook’s Door Stop on it for my office. Ha Ha Just try to hurt my Vegan heart.

 Oh, I will keep at it and soon with have a fabulous re-make that would make my mom proud.


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