Pizza …

What happened to the 3:1 crust from Saturday night? Well, it got divided into 4 portions, placed in  plastic baggies and refrigerated until I was good and ready to bake a pizza. Small servings here so dividing a small amount of dough in fourths doesn’t amount to much – but it sure is tasty.

As I write I have some pizza dough sitting and waiting for the stove to heat to 400. The sauce is made, garlic sliced and artichokes standing by.

Do want to share a couple of pictures of a pizza I made yesterday and finished off at lunchtime today. Remember that I didn’t use oil or sugar – just water, flour and yeast and left it out overnight to collect yeast from the air and age a bit – adds to the flavor. Now if I can get the pictures downloaded the sharing will be complete. I just wish your could smell and taste the pizza.


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