Complementing Quinoa

Complementing – we’ve all heard it! How do you get real/complete protein in your diet? Personally after being a vegetarian for about 20 years I have learned that eating a variety of foods has created a healthy body. Now, Vegan-bring it!

That said, I tried Quinoa with Navy Beans and Almonds from the get healthy, go vegan cookbook by Neal Barnard, MD and Robyn Webb. I didn’t have mushrooms or parsley in my frig – still haven’t gotten to the market. I don’t usually care if I don’t mix proteins for a complete protein, but this one is a great marriage.

Also, I didn’t make the full recipe, because don’t want to have something I don’t want to eat. I did cook up the cup of Quinoa. I could have mixed up the whole recipe because it was very good – don’t forget the fresh lemon. The lemon gives it that extra punch of taste. I will post my small quick variation.


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