All Hail – Kale is in the House

Did you ever thank your mom (hey, it’s Mother’s Day) or dad for cooking Kale? I don’t remember ever seeing it in our garden, in our refrigerator, or on our plates. I don’t ever remember talking Kale with my mom.

How did Kale infiltrate my lifestyle? Last year it was the rage at my daughter’s and her friend’s homes – kale was this wonderful vegetable; I was skeptical. This year the 21 Day Vegan Kickstart had it on the menu – still didn’t try it. This week bought it organic at Marlene’s and today was determined to cook and see what the fuss was about Kale.

Simmered Kale

Late this afternoon began searching (yuck – an hour) cookbooks and the web for a simple recipe. I ran into lots of recipes that had oil all over the veggie or mixed within a complex recipe. If it’s so good for me – just keep it simple. Searched, searched and  finally found a recipe I was willing to try in an old staple of a health/cookbook: Food for Life: How the New Four Food Groups Can Save Your Life, by Neal Barnard, M.D., ( recipes by Jennifer Raymond) published back in 1993. Simple: vegetable broth, garlic and Kale – simmered for a few minutes. Amazing! Wonderful!

Baked Kale

While I was searching on the web I saw a recipe for baked Kale, but it was too complicated as well. So, I took a few branches of washed Kale, broke in bite size pieces and put it in the oven (in a glass Pyrex dish) and cooked until crispy.   That took some work as I had too much water on the leaves when I put it in, so after taking it out once and shaking off every bit of water it crisped up. I had the curvy Kale, not the flat leaf – don’t know how the flat leaf would work. Not totally in love with the baked Kale, but loving the simmered version.

Hail to the Kale! It will be returning as a staple in my kitchen.


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