Cooking by Ratios and Remembering Lessons from Don

This is something I have been pondering for quite some time. My brother-in-law, who has long passed away, use to visit and cook for everyone present; I did the dishes, lots of dishes. He was a chef from Canada and amazed me with his lack of recipes and his adherence to ratios. Once he mixed a large batch of pie crust and then divided into smaller balls and told me to wrap in freezer paper and freeze. I didn’t imagine those frozen globs of dough would produce wonderful pie crust months later. Yes, that was my pre-vegetarian/vegan days. Although, Don taught me some valuable lessons and left that spark of ratios in my brain.

Trying to create my own recipes and knowing how much of the basics to begin with has been a challenge. I do believe the ratio and flavor books will unlock some basic strategies and improve my cooking/baking basics. Certain I will have a few Ah Ha moments from Don as I learn more!  Stay tuned as I cook/bake and share.


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