I survived a week of buffet food

Being Vegan and traveling for our job can be a lesson within itself. While restaurants are making an effort to adapt, food service at some hotels and convention centers are adapting slowly to embracing Vegans as a subset (I say that tongue in cheek) of society. This is when we Vegan get to use our rogueness.

I just embracing Veganism as a lifestyle the beginning of March 2011. I’ve tried since January of 2010, but my love (addiction) of cheese just kept me from making the switch. Life happens and after some deaths in my family (I like to call it passing on) I gained about 15 lbs. Trying to get it off was near impossible during 2010. Grieving =eating for me. Never missed a meal or a snack time; food was my soother. Also, during this time I enrolled in the 21 Day Vegan Quickstart – third time was the charm.

Reality of the day. So, I had lost 12 lbs and feeling happy to wear clothes that had sat dormant in the other side of my closed since the end of 2009. I was worried about those long food lines of food that I had given up just two months earlier, but I was determined. The term Vegan just didn’t register along the way, but Vegetarian was the choice at all the buffets at two different conferences. I gotta say, I got my Salad On! I arrived at my doorstep craving protein.

Happy to say that I came home 1 lb up. I attended a Leon Redbone concert last night with my daughter and had dinner out. This morning – extra lb. gone!!!!

Lesson Learned: Next time I will be the Rogue Vegan and work with the meal committee to ensure Vegans are fed properly.


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