What Do the Titles on my e-Reader Reflect

When I bought my e-Reader it came with a few free books and then some teasers – a few chapters of books. They didn’t hold my interest, but they are still sitting there ready for a read.

If you picked up my e-Reader when I left the room to see what juicy titles I’m reading, you would learn I love a good mystery, Vegan and health books, and a few odd assortments.  I currently have 33 books on my reader.  Probably 34 by tomorrow.

I love love love James Patterson’s  mysteries and have 5 of his e-books. Just finished Toys last night. I love his murder mysteries; sick way to go to sleep, but it helps erase my day and take me to a sleepy state.

The brain intrigued me. I love to read anything by Dr. Daniel Amen & Brain Rules by John Medina. Check out John’s website Brain Rules. That one I have in print – several of them as I give them away like candy. On my e-reader I have Change Your Brain, Change Your Body by Dr. Amen.

I have the Veganist by Kathy Freston. Good reviews – she uses more processed food that I eat, but it is chocked full of information and a reflective read.

There is the one really random book that was on sale around St Patrick’s Day, The Search for God and Guinness: a Biography of the Beer that Changed the World by Stephen Mansfield. Actually haven’t started reading yet, but read the review and it sounded like an interesting read. I love Guinness on tap or in Europe. I’m a brand spanking new Vegan, so now will learn that Guinness isn’t Vegan. Sad Day!


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